Grout products


Mapei Flexcolor

Flexcolor is an easy to use, ready mixed fibre reinforced, flexible grouting material which can be used on the majority of types of tile and mosaics on interior floors and walls.


Kerapoxy CQ

Epoxy grout made easy with Mapei Kerapoxy CQ. Watch our installation video to see how it’s mixed and applied.


Kerapoxy Design

Add some sparkle to your life. This video shows the mixing and application of Mapei Kerapoxy Design. See how simple the product is to apply and the fantastic finish that is achieved with Mapei Kerapoxy Design and Mapeglitter.


Ultracolor Plus and Mapesil AC

Mapei Ultracolor Plus is available in 31 different colours and offers ease of application for a superb finish. This installation video also shows the application of Mapesil AC, a quality silicone with easy application.


Fugabella Color Resina-cemento hybrid technology

Fugabella Color, the new Resina-cemento hybrid technology from Kerakoll. Unparalleled workability and end performance. Solid joint with an even finish. Total chromatic homogeneity. Reduced absorption and joint staining. 50 design colours.


Fugabella Color

Fugabella Color, a new range of grouts for tiles, mosaic, marble and natural stone. Decorative Resina-cemento® (resin-cement), the new hybrid technology by Kerakoll. 50 design colours.