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Versatile vision: Sigma UK at the cutting-edge

TSJ gets the lowdown on the new Series 4 range of professional tile cutters from Sigma UK.

Sigma UK is proud to announce our new range of professional manual tile cutters … the Series 4!
As one of the world’s leaders in tile cutter design and development, we have spent several years perfecting the Series 4 range to the highest possible standard.

Listening to what professionals have to say in real world situations, we have implemented new, key features with the purpose of improving quality and ease of use more than ever before. The new Series 4 aims to set a whole new benchmark in professional tiling tools all over the world.

Two new systems have been created within the Series 4 range that, we hope at some point, will replace the existing Series 3 ‘Max-Standard’ models. These two systems include a push-to-score line named ‘NEX’ and its partner, the pull-to-score, which has been dubbed ‘UP’. Read on for more on these new and exciting features.

As always, Sigma remains versatile, retaining the interchangeability of the cutters. The ability to simply interchange accessories and parts without having to replace the entire machine means user’s costs are kept low as well as extending the life of the cutter!

For example, both handles will automatically fit onto any size cutter by self-adjusting to the bar thickness without having to purchase another handle or machine. This basically means a 60cm cutter handle will fit directly onto a 155cm machine, even though the centre bar is much thicker than the smaller model.

Sigma are well known for their build quality and longevity of all their products with little to no maintenance required for any machine. In fact, the new Series 4 handles are fitted with three double crown bearings that guarantee precision cuts over long periods of time requiring no maintenance.

We produce cutters on a small scale compared to other manufacturers simply because we want to offer only the best product possible. And it’s because of this reason we’re consistently voted the most popular choice of tile cutters in the UK by professional installers.

Below are just some of the new features that the series 4 will come with. Sigma UK representatives will be demonstrating the new cutters at local stockists up and down the country at trade day events.

Series 4 Nex (Push to score)

  • Sizes range from 62cm to 155cm
  • Clear vision of scoring wheel from end to end
  • 1200kg power breaker with 100mm wide breaking foot
  • New design 16mm Titanium or carbide wheel with brass anti friction casing
  • Fully interchangeable handle to fit all models of cutters sizes
  • No-mark protectors for polished surfaces
  • Suspension built directly into the handle for textured tile surfaces
  • Self-adjusting handle for each tile thicknesses
  • Compartment for spare scoring wheel located on the guide bar
  • Guide bar extension of 50cm can be added for larger cuts
  • Recessed location on the base to fit a laser line
  • Stainless steel bearings for an extra smooth score across tile surface.

Series 4 Up (Pull to score)

  • Sizes range from 70cm to 103cm
  • 16mm titanium or carbide scoring wheel with new brass anti-friction casing for longevity
  • Excellent visibility of the scoring wheel
  • 100mm wide breaking foot complete with no-mark protectors
  • Stainless steel internal bearings for an extra smooth score
  • Ergonomic grip designed just for this handle
  • Self-adjusting handle for each tile thickness
  • Recessed location on base for laser guide to be added

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